I want to start out my HM project conclusion remarks with a big shoutout to my awesome husband, Tim. This project was as much his as it was mine. He not only agreed to do this HM project with me (I thought for sure he would tell me I was crazy)[I think I did! – Tim] for my birthday but he financed the whole thing, did all the driving, typed the blog, took pictures, and saw me through some pretty embarrassing meltdowns. Thanks Tim, this project helped me wake up from the depression I was sinking into in Elkton. It reversed my weight gain trend and helped me feel a sense of control over my life again.

On a lighter note, we still didn’t get to sleep in last weekend. Our sleeping plans were thwarted by our cat, Meowse, who has developed a strange new behavior. Between 4 and 5am, she starts walking around the apartment, meowing at the top of her voice. I have to figure out how to make this stop. Yelling, “Shut the fuck up”, does not work and I’m sure, just annoys the neighbors.

A Meowse on Tim's lap

She is usually so quiet.

So here we go with one of Sharon’s favorite activities, making lists.


Worst 3 runs

  1. Gateway to the Gorge (this was a no brainer for both of us)
  2. Shoreline Half Marathon (Sharon)
    St. Patrick’s Day Half Marathon (Tim)
  3. St. Patrick’s Day Half Marathon (Sharon)
    Mojave Marathon (Tim)

Top 3 runs

  1. Bizz Johnson Express Half Marathon
  2. Newport Half Marathon
  3. The Enchanted Forest Wine Run

Top 3 uncoolest things about the HM Project

  1. Chafing (ballsack, underarms, nipples, arms, anus, thighs)
  2. The weekly commute
  3. Running in cold rain (Sharon)
    Running in heat (Tim)

Top 3 coolest things about the HM Project

  1. Meeting awesome people, hearing their stories and making new friends
  2. Exploring new places
  3. Testing our physical (and mental) limits

It was impossible for us to pick our top 3 favorite pictures so I am just going to end this with a bunch of our favorite photos. Remember you can click on the photo to make it full screen.

#52 - San Francisco

This is my favorite picture of us

#46 Wild Horse Half Marathon

Photography by Pat
Tim Takes the high road

#34 Spring Equinox

Our first sign

San Dieguito - Hash House Harriers

I want to join this club

EWEB Run to Stay Warm - Tim

This is what happens when Tim dresses himself

Run Like Hell - Ms. Kraut

Know what goes great with a hot dog – beers

Run Like Hell - Costumed

Drowned butterfly and butterfly hunter

Fans with Tim Olsen

Fans with Tim Olsen

Tim Olsen - The Mad Hatter

Tim Olsen – The Mad Hatter

Shoe Tree

Shoe Tree

Sharon on the beach

Sharon on the beach

#49 7 Day

Tim knew

#47 Mammoth Half Marathon

At least our before picture looks different this time

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#52 - San Francisco

They monogrammed our city for us – Tim

Bizz Johnson -

Camping at Wooldridge winery

Camping at Wooldridge winery

#42 Mojave

Look closely



#36 Peace-Love-Run


#42 Mojave

#35 Chino Hills

I’ve had better runs

#44 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll

It’s a race, don’t shoot

Big Sur - Sunrise

Normal people are all still in bed


What’s next?

This is by no means the end of our running journey. We are doing our first full marathon (Beat the Blearch) in November. I plan to write a couple blog posts about our training and of course, a longer piece after our first marathon. I’m scared about doing a marathon so soon but comforted by the fact that there will be couches (really). As this was Tim’s idea, I look forward to doing something crazy that he suggested for once.

Thank you everyone who has been reading me throughout this journey. A special thank you to those of you who took the time to comment. It’s not over yet. Please continue to read as we work towards our first full marathon.

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