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18 down only 34 to go.

All week the forecast predicted rain in Eugene on race day. I was prepared. I had a waterproof jacket, gloves, and a headband ear warmer thingy with a built in ponytail cutout in back. I had a talk with myself and we decided that I was going to act like an adult about the weather, I wasn’t a sugar witch, rain is our friend, etc… It didn’t rain! Yipee! I hate running in the rain. I hate trying to act all adult about stuff I want to complain about.

The race started at 9am and we only live an hour from Eugene so we decided to drive instead of getting a hotel. Even factoring in driving and getting there early for packet pickup, we were able to sleep in later than last week (Big Sur.)

One of the things I like about smaller races is being able to park close to the finish.

Even though it was colder than my ideal running temperature I enjoyed this run. Most likely I would have been bitching about the cold if I hadn’t been expecting cold rain.

EWEB Run to Stay Warm - wimps

I have on 4 layers (wimps)

This was a fairly uneventful race. The HM was mostly on bike paths. There weren’t very many bikes out (maybe because it was cold) and they were nowhere as aggressive as the bike gangs in Riverside. It was a fairly scenic course with river and forest views. One section had the freeway on the right but it was separated by some trees. You could see the traffic but luckily not smell it. I just tried to look ahead or to the left. We saw quite a few ducks and geese. I thought they looked cold. One thing I did not like was the surface. About half of the path was concrete. Concrete is the worst surface to run on for your joints. I felt my extra weight more on the concrete than on the asphalt.

EWEB Run to Stay Warm -

I talked to a woman named Amy who was doing her first HM. I caught up with her in the last couple of miles. She was hurting but she finished. She wants to do a triathlon next. My idea of a triathlon is swimming in cold water while getting kicked in the face, then you’re all wet trying to find your bike, your butt hurts on the bike because they all have those tiny thong seats – finally you get to run.

One thing I did not like about this race was the impatience of the running company to pack up. They were taking down barriers and water stations while I was running. There were quite a few people behind me. If you are putting on a race don’t start breaking stuff down while people are still on the course. Unless, of course, you have a cutoff that you mention. I saw some people packing up water stations at the last two I went through and Tim noticed them starting to break down the finishers gate shortly after I came in. I know there were more than 20 people still out there.

On a more positive note – they had hot chocolate. Hot chocolate after a cold run is brilliant. They had a beer and pretzel party at the Tap and Growler only a block from the finish. It was really nice to have after race festivities indoors. And they had good beer. Extra credit for hot chocolate and free beer.


  • Not enough port-o-pots and they were set up facing each other. Very weird
  • Packing it up while people were still on the course
  • Running on concrete. UGH


  • Quick and easy packet pickup
  • Close parking
  • Scenic (don’t look at the freeway)
  • Hot chocolate
  • Beer and Pretzel indoor after party
EWEB Run to Stay Warm - Tim

This is what happens when Tim dresses himself

Like most races this HM had positives and negatives. It was well marked, scenic, and mostly flat but about half the pavement was concrete. As always the volunteers were nice but they looked cold and started packing up early. Having an after party in a warm bar was nice touch although it was crowded. If you have your heart set on doing a HM in November, in Oregon I would recommend this one. Plan to be cold and possibly wet (we were so lucky). What I would really recommend is planning not to run races in Oregon during the rainy season.

EWEB Run to Stay Warm - Bridge


  1. Don’t let Tim dress himself…never. LOL I’m so happy to see you are still having a good time!

    Love you two! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yay for no rain! I love how you always find something positive to say about HMs, even the ones you don’t like. I really love the photos of you two because I feel more connected to your run experience. I notice you don’t sound nearly as exhausted as you did for several races early on. Maybe your body is adjusting to all this running madness? You look fabulous, both of you. (Except Tim shouldn’t pick out his own clothes! hahaha.) I really look forward to Thursdays and my Sharon & Tim HM fix. I’m so very proud of you and what you are accomplishing! Stay warm and healthy and happy – and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Happy Thanksgiving . Knowing Tim as you do I thought you would get a kick out of that picture. Spoiler alert-I wasn’t able to take your advice and stay warm. Seatless race was the coldest weather I have ever run in. As always we love and miss you.

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