We are taking a week off to let Sharon’s feet heal.


  1. Hey! I found you! (titanic ghost at RLH and christmas light lady last weekend.) 🙂 Hope your feet are feeling alright after that wet one! I might need to pick up that tri spray!! What was that nerve condition called? I need to call the doc this morning and switch providers… 🙂 Remember how I was telling you “my brain was off” and you asked how old I was? Well, I answered you genuinely with what I thought was the right answer…. but I told you my age when I got married… not my age today. See? What the heck is wrong with me? I thought I better fess up that I unintentionally lied. 🙁

    • Hi Robin. I’m glad you found my blog. The medical condition is called no venous return. It might be what is going on in your feet but I don’t think it affects memory. I hope you find a dr. who takes your concerns seriously. You look great and I didn’t even question your age but even adding ten years you are far too young for those kinds of memory problems. I hope to see you at more races.

  2. About time! Hope you are both luxuriating in the relative ‘slacker-ness’ :O)

  3. First thing I thought when I saw your post this week was, I wonder if there’s a medal for the couch potato race! Glad you’re taking some time to be good to yourselves, heal, and get your mojo back. I know you’re sick of the rain – we had several days of it here, and now it’s cold. Hope to talk with you very very soon! Love you both!

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