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At least it’s not raining, was my only thought on our way to this race. Once we leave Oregon I hope to never run in the rain again, unless I am in Hawaii. If I have learned anything about myself in the last 3 months it is that I am a weather wimp. I recently heard an interview with Timothy Olsen (my favorite ultrarunner) where he said that he likes to run in the most adverse conditions possible because he likes to test himself. While I admire this attitude, I have come to realize that I will never be that person running uphill on a muddy trail, on a cold day who shakes a fist at the sky when it starts to pour and yells, “Bring it on”. I wish I was that person but I’m not. I was grateful it did not rain.

It was a chilly day but this race had an indoor meeting area. It is so nice to have a start and finish with an indoor bathroom, especially for changing into dry clothes after the race.

Both Tim and I enjoyed this race but found the hills challenging. It was well organized and very scenic. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any race photos because Tim’s phone was dead and I accidentally left my phone in the car.

This race started at 9:30am. It was nice not to be starting a race in the dark. I think all winter races should start after 9am so they start brighter and warmer.

This race was very pretty in a country roads kind of way. Just a couple of miles into this race I saw two very excited llamas. Tim says that they were running along the fence with runners when he went by. When I ran by they appeared to be dancing. They were on their hind legs jumping on the fence and prancing. Llamas have the most improbable looking faces. They look like stuffed animals. Yay for dancing llamas.

Just like last week this was a multi race event with the HM being the longest distance. And just like last week most people were doing the shorter race. It was depressing to turn to the sparsely populated left while everyone I was running with continued straight. After the HM turnoff I was alone for most of the race. This was the most scenic part of the race. It was through charming countryside and forest on a nice paved road.

I did have an interesting wildlife encounter. I was mildly attacked by a chihuahua! A rather crazed, yapping chihuahua came tearing out of a farmhouse, chased me down the road and nipped at the heel of my shoe. It backed off when I stamped my foot and yelled. I don’t know if you are supposed to hold eye contact or not with an attacking dog but I glared into his bug eyes.

angry_chihuahua_by_nikydog142007 - Found on https://thepursuitofgodandhisgrace.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/aye-chihuahuas-in-the-house/

The only other person I could see was quite a ways up in front of me so I made a game out of trying to reel him in. I lost some time during my chihuahua encounter but soon after that adventure I was treated to a nice long downhill where I was able to narrow the gap. We were both run/walking at this point. I would run, not looking at him while I slowly counted to 60 then I would let myself look ahead to see if I was closer. There was about a 2 mile out and back in the second half of the race. I got to see Tim coming back. That always gives me a boost. I also saw that I was closing in on the guy in front of me and was able to catch him about a mile later. Much to my surprise I also saw that there was a woman quite a bit behind me. I had thought I was last (when I checked the results I realized that 6 people came in after me). My guess is that most people in the kind of shape I’m in had enough sense to run the 10K. Once I got close enough to read his Blerch shirt I realized that I had seen this guy at the Seattle HM and taken a picture of his shirt. Sure enough, I caught up and we talked a bit. He was in Seattle. He told me that he was doing a full marathon in a couple of weeks but didn’t feel ready. We went back and forth for over a mile before I was able to take and keep the lead. After passing him I pretended that I was being chased by the Blerch. He beat me in Seattle so I was happy to be able to return the favor. This picture is from Seattle.

Seattle marathon -

Good luck on your first marathon

It started to sprinkle during the last mile of the race. I was ok with that. What I wasn’t ok with was the big uphill at the end. I walked it. As always Tim came to cheer me in and was a motivation for me to try to run. After the race they had a yummy pancake breakfast for finishers. I usually can’t (or don’t want to) eat right after a race but I did have a pancake. Tim had six.

Both Tim and me were sore after this race. I think it was because of the hills. The last couple races we have done have either been mostly flat or a net downhill.

Because we didn’t take any pictures this race I’m going to show off a bit and include my favorite race photo. I almost never like pictures of myself. When we looked up our results we discovered that they had used my photo. This was an obstacle mud run we did in 2010. It was the first time I ever placed in my age group. I was proud of myself even after I found out that there were only 4 women in my age group. I guess there aren’t a lot of old women doing mud runs – who knew?

2010 Cat Mountain Mud run

This was much funner then I thought it would be


  • Hilly with the worse hill in the last mile
  • Very little crowd support (not something I care about)
  • I had an encounter with a vicious chihuahua
  • A small amount of road had an awful angle


  • Easy packet pickup
  • Parking close to the start
  • Indoor bathroom and gathering area (an elementary school)
  • As always (most of the time) great volunteers
  • Well marked course
  • Scenic country views including dancing llamas
  • Nice shirt and medal
  • After race pancakes

Although it has some serious hills I would recommend this race. It was well organized and had lovely scenery. Nothing super special but a solid race with a long sleeve tech shirt and a nice medal. It is one of the few HM in Oregon in January so if you want to do a race in the area to kick off the new year this would be a good choice. Just remember we got lucky with the weather. I heard that it was much colder last year and rain is always a possibility.

Postscript: I know that my blog posts/race reports have been a little short lately. Between the holidays and getting ready to move I have been crunched for time. My next post will likely be short as well but once we get settled in San Diego I hope to return to my usual long winded self.

Please leave a comment or ask a question. It makes the llamas happy.


  1. Love the posting, Sharon and your encounter with all kinds of things! I especially enjoyed you “picking off” that guy! I loved to see a much younger gal ahead of me and would pick her off but just glide by her as if it was no effort! LOL One time there was a very heavy gal ahead of me and for the life of me I couldn’t catch up to her for a long time but finally did. I didn’t know her secret but damned if I was going to let her cross before I did!
    So happy for your move to SD and so happy you had a great race and fun this time. Thinking of you and Tim. You sound happy and that is good!
    Much love,
    The Double JJ’s

  2. I’ve been trying to think of a witty and smart and fun comment to leave – but I can’t get that damn llama song out of my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious (thanks, Tim!) – and I see it runs for 10 minutes. I would have to be put in a straitjacket to listen to that for 10 minutes. I’ll bet if you played it for the attacking chihuahua, he would have run back to the farm yipping and screaming!

    I’m happy to hear that you had a great race, and how neat that you met up with the guy from Seattle. Very motivating. And Sharon – I love the mud run photo of you! I have a copy of it in my archives, I’ll have to pull it up and send it out to the group. We are having an HH on the 23rd, will be talking (good) about you two!

    Stay warm and healthy, and I’ll see you soon!

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