Cascade Half-Marathon - T-Shirt


25 down only 27 to go.

This was our last race in Oregon before our move to San Diego. Of course, it rained. And wind, there was serious wind as well. Also, January in Oregon – so it was cold. January in northern Oregon is not January in San Diego.

They had an early start for walkers or anyone who thought it would take them more than 2½ hours to finish. We lucked out because it didn’t rain for the first hour. And it wasn’t the worst rain we have run in (Eugene). We have also run in worse wind (also Eugene) and it was nowhere as cold as Seattle.

Our last race in Oregon was even more special because we got to see our friend Jeanie.

This was a smaller race so we were able to park close to the start. It had an indoor gathering space to stay warm, before and after the race.

Cascade Half-Marathon - Smug

Before race – Not sure why we are looking so smug

The race was all on nice country roads. Tim ran with me for a little over a mile. Much to my suprise I found myself catching back up to him. That has never happened. I did a big push to catch him because I was a little worried. It turns out his A-Fib was acting up, so if you noticed that his time is slower than usual that’s why. He soon pulled ahead again and I didn’t see him until the end.

Cascade Half-Marathon - Llama

Second week in a row now seeing llamas (he wouldn’t pose)

I didn’t notice that I had a tailwind until the turnaround point when when I got a faceful of wind/rain.

I know I have said it before, but I like out and backs because I love to see the fast runners. Because they started an hour later I got to see them fly by in both directions. We also saw a couple of groups of people running the 13.1 miles in the rain with flags.

Cascade Half-Marathon - Flag


After the race signs directed runners to the school cafeteria (it was quite a maze) where they had hot soup, cookies, and coffee. Having the after race food in a cafeteria was great because we could we sit down and eat.

Cascade Half-Marathon - Post Race

We are soaked


Another nice thing about doing a race with indoor post race food is indoor bathrooms. It felt great to get into dry clothes. There is nothing so cozy as dry clothes after a cold wet run. Except maybe hot soup.

Cascade Half-Marathon - Post Race

happy dry couple (with wet hair)


  • January in Oregon


  • Close parking
  • Start at gymnasium end in cafeteria
  • People willing to volunteer in the rain. You guys rock
  • Scenic
  • Excellent soup and cookies
  • Able to sit down and eat after the race
  • Indoor bathrooms
  • Benefit for the high school track team
  • Nice long sleeve tech shirt

I thought this race was well organized. If you are going to run a race in Oregon, in January, you already know it is going to be chilly and might rain so we would definitely recommend this race. If you are going to run in January, a race with indoor bathrooms and hot soup is the way to go. The soup was chicken noodle, so if you are a vegetarian there is bread, cookies, and coffee, but no soup for you.,

As we were finishing up our coffee a cool thing happened. A guy (we think he was a race sponsor) walked up and gave us a pair of Sock Guy socks. They are too small for Tim, so they are mine.

Cascade Half-Marathon - Socks

Thanks, I love them

Goodbye Elkton, hello San Diego. Please leave a comment


  1. I forgot to mention that once I saw the llamas on the course I got that stupid Llama Song stuck in my head! Thanks for coming out to play on such a crappy day, I was glad I got to see y’all. I am very much looking forward to reading about warm half marathons! FYI, the pics from Cascade are cute and only $.99 for a download, which is almost unheard of in this day and age, and you look fit and FANTASTIC. Those socks are adorable! I like Sock Guy socks. See you in CA, hopefully!

  2. I just noticed that in the photo labelled “We are soaked,” Sharon looks like she has a halo over her head! I think I’ll download and save that photo in my archives. Really cute picture of both of you!

    • You are so funny. I noticed the halo after I wrote the caption or I would have tried to say something clever about it. Glad you noticed. I hope stigmata is not next. Keep planning that SD trip.

  3. WELCOME TO SAN DIEGO!!! I think it’s wonderful that your last race Oregon had wind and rain. Kind of a send-off to you two lovely people. I cannot wait to read your blog after your first race in San Diego yesterday. You two just amaze me always, and I am so very excited for both of you on your new journey. San Diego is going to be a better place with you two there. But fasten your seat belts, because you’re probably going to have a lot of visitors!!!

  4. Loved your comments, Sharon. You and Tim look so adorable in all the photos. The indoors with bathrooms and hot soup sound very welcoming. I did a half marathon one year, with a girl friend, and it began to snow and almost a blizzard. It was held at a school so we even had hot showers., which we knew about so planned and had towels, and a change of clothes. Can’t remember soup though.. very nice touch.
    Good bye Elkton and hello sunny San Diego! Your feel will be so much happier. Love those new socks.
    I was always amazed at all the volunteers at these races, in all kinds of weather. I was always going to help after I stopped running, but never did… yet.

    • The closest we have come to a blizzard was light snow in Seattle but that race had some scary ice. You should volunteer. It is a lot of fun. We volunteered at a trail race once and plan to again. Great to hear from you and a big kiss to both of you.

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