• February 15th, 2015
  • Huntington Beach, California
  • The Love Of Running
  • Sharon: 2:48:01
  • Tim: 2:16:10


29 down only 23 to go.

Just another Half Marathon in paradise. This run was put on by A Better World Running, a small race company that does inexpensive, low key events in the southern California area. This race was in Huntington Beach along the ocean path. What’s not to love? This race is put on by the same people who put on the Santa Monica race where I was last because I got lost. OK – even if I hadn’t gotten lost I probably still would have been last. This course was a lot easier to follow. It was a straight line out and back, twice. Even I didn’t get lost. And I didn’t come in anywhere near last.

LoveOfRunning - Before

Another Before Picture

One thing I have noticed about California races vs. Oregon races (besides that my feet are dryer in California) is that CA races tend to cost more. Luckily, we are able to drive to more California runs on race morning. I really like this race company for a couple of reasons but the main one is the low cost. They don’t have T-Shirts but they do have medals and aid stations with food. I also like the casual fun vibe. This race was the day after Valentine’s Day but it was a Valentine themed run. Putting on a run along the beach path is brilliant because there are always plenty of water fountains and bathrooms.

LoveOfRunning -

Happy day after Valentine’s Day

Because this was an out and back done twice I got to see Tim. Usually it’s Tim who gets pictures of me but this time I was prepared. I had my camera ready.

LoveOfRunning - leap

Tim leaps for joy

LoveOfRunning - kiss and run

And dashes in for a kiss and run

It was a bit chilly so I started out wearing my long sleeves but that shirt came off in the first mile. It warmed up fast. I’m sure to get little sympathy for this but I got a bit sunburned during this race. I put heavy sunscreen on my face but it still gets red. I am so diligent about putting sunscreen on my face that I am starting to break out. And they said I would grow out of it. I hate to admit this but I never put sunscreen on my body anymore. I can’t sweat right with sunscreen on. It traps salt (from sweat) and dirt – my skin just can’t breathe.

The only thing I didn’t like about this course was a section next to the freeway.

Because this HM is run on a multiuse beach path there is some weaving around walkers, dogs, and bicyclists but that makes it funner. My favorite is seeing people running with dogs. I saw a dog in a bike basket wearing sunglasses. Unfortunately, they zoomed by too fast for a picture.

LoveOfRunning - after

After – We should have brought swim suits.


  • No T-Shirt (I like this)
  • Running next to freeway


  • Fun casual event
  • Great volunteers
  • Parking close to start/finish
  • Scenic ocean views
  • They have my favorite Gu (caramel)
  • Inexpensive (for CA)
  • Out and back (I love out and backs)
  • Easy course to follow
  • Free online pictures

I would definitely recommend this race. It is very beginner friendly. No chance of getting lost and it’s a straight path out and back. If you find yourself on the freeway or in the ocean you took a wrong turn (there are no turns). Being next to the ocean the course is pretty flat with some small hills. More beginner/slow runner good news – as slow as I was, I was nowhere near last, so this isn’t like one of those smaller races put on by a local track team (Catherine Creek) where the volunteers all seem confused by slow runners. We liked it enough that we plan to sign up for more A better World Running events.

LoveOfRunning - Finish

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  1. Good lord. The beach in every picture almost. How do you not veer off the course and go take a nap in the sand? I would never get up, I would just lay there and burn to a char until the race officials came and disqualified me.

  2. Hey, you two! Finally running in the warmth of the California sun. The photos of the two of you speak volumes about the joy you are experiencing! You both look so happy and healthy, and Sharon, I do believe you’ve lost quite a bit of weight, you look fantastic. I love love love all the photos. Makes me feel like I’m right there with you. If you can’t or won’t make a quilt out of all your T-shirts, maybe Tim could make you a headboard out of the medals? It’s a crazy idea, but hey, it might be awesome (heavy to move, though, I imagine!). So excited to know I’ll be seeing you soon. And to see you at the beach, in southern CA, near seafood, is beyond exciting. Keep my chair at the coffee shop warm, I’m heading your way soon!

    • Hey, Kids! You look great and this sounded so much fun! I was thinking about the money you have to spend now days on races and it must add up. Back in the 80’s it was like $10 to $15. but it’s worth it and think of all the fun you have.
      Loved Tim leaping for joy and coming in for a kiss. I would love your weather compared to drippy OR.
      I have given most of my medal away to my three grandsons who now say they don’t want anymore. I still have a bag of tee shirts for a quilt but I have no idea how to make one so it will probably never happen. Medals are much nicer than tee shirts anyway!
      Gotta run as we are meeting friends at Feast for dinner.
      I’ll watch for another posting soon1
      Love you so much,

    • I can’t wait to see you. We can play scrabble.

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