33 - St. Patricks day - T-Shirt


33 down only 19 to go.

This is going to be a fairly short post because there was nothing exceptional about this race. It was our hottest race since last summer so that made it more of a challenge. We picked up our packets on Saturday. The expo was lame but packet pickup was quick and smooth. They had a nice t-shirt without crappy sponsor names all over the back. It’s actually a shirt I would wear. The expo had a disturbingly republican theme. There was a republican party booth that was registering people to vote which seemed out of character, to me. There was also one of those awful, “family pregnancy crisis center” booths that display plastic fetuses and tries to intimidate women out of getting abortions with scare tactics and bad science. I think it is a terrible idea to have politically polarizing booths at a race expo unless you have both sides represented.

33 - St. Patricks day - pre-race

Too hot for sleeves at 7am

This race started about 20 minutes late which was even more annoying than usual because the high for the day was 93°. In March!

33 - St. Patricks day - Tim

Tim in Protestant and Catholic colors

I wasn’t feeling very well so I encouraged Tim to take off before the first mile. This was by no means a scenic course. In fact, I found it ugly. It was run through the cambered, potholed streets of El Cajon. Volunteers did their best to control traffic but they had to stop runners numerous times to let cars through. Traffic was heavy so most of the run had vehicles spewing exhaust in the next lane. The only scenic part of the race were all the runners who dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day.

33 - St. Patricks day - warning

I love shenanigans

I’m glad I had my music this race. It started to get really hot after the first hour. This HM course is an out and back. I was a little worried when I saw Tim because sometimes heat triggers his a-fib. He was soaked when I saw him so I was afraid he was pushing too hard but I later found out that he had poured water on himself to keep cool. There weren’t many spectators (maybe because it was so hot) and even the volunteers were a mixed bag. Some were very friendly but others were kids on cell phones who obviously did not want to be there.

The after race party was also underwhelming. Post race food was a water and a banana.

On a more positive note the medal was outstanding. It was huge and has a great St. Patrick’s day design.

33 - St. Patricks day - post race

This necklace is too heavy

After the race I collapsed in the shade like I usually do. On the other side we saw a guy puking and not looking good. The volunteers at the finish were a bunch of kids obviously talking about him and pointing but doing nothing. Tim got him two bottles of water and got him into the shade. Volunteers – if you see someone puking and disoriented ask if you can help, don’t just point and snicker.


  • Political right wing booths at the expo
  • Started late
  • Ugly, boring course
  • Being stopped for traffic
  • Running next to traffic
  • Uncomfortably cambered roads
  • Minimal food after the race
  • No medical personnel that we saw


  • Nice tech shirt
  • Huge, cool medal
  • Festive St. Patrick’s Day runners

I think it’s obvious by now that I would not recommend this race. It had very little to offer. It did have a nice medal and tech shirt so maybe if you live in the area, collect medals and really want an excuse to wear a green tutu, this race might be worth it for you.I like races for the run itself and this HM was hot, hilly, smelly (exhaust), ugly, and run on awful slanted roads. It may have been because I wasn’t feeling great but I found this race boring. I have written before about races that just have a great vibe, well this was the exact opposite. Besides the negatives of the race itself I thought it had a no energy, no magic vibe.

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  1. I can’t believe I missed one of your HM blogs! I must have been traveling. After reading about the St. Patrick’s race, I’m sooooo happy that wasn’t the race I went to. I thought the HM in Huntington Beach was wonderful, so the St. Pat’s one sounds disgusting. Don’t do that one again, ok? Do the Huntington Beach one again, ok? And maybe I’ll be able to come over and cheer you on!

  2. Wow, sounds kinda awful! Sorry you got forcefed some politics. ‘MURICA! I can’t believe you’re down to 19 — wahoo!

    • I can’t believe it either. I’m glad the weather is a little better in OR. Have you been doing any races recently? San Diego has had amazing weather. I’m off to go take yoga on the beach. The class is less than half a mile from me and free.

      • Ohmagawd. Free yoga on the beach. Can I live in your car? I’ll get a job and pay “car rent.” I have been doing some shorter races, and some halfs — the tendons in my left leg have been on fire recently, slowing me down quite a bit, so Spring has not been a bundle of racing fun out here. I think the calf and achilles pain has to do with my flat feet and the fact that I am shaped like Pavarotti. I’m looking forward to scoping out your May races!

  3. Jessica Thomas

    We met on course during the San Diego Holiday Half. I thought about you today and had to do some amazing Google work to refind your blog. I wanted to see what races you were planning to do! As I’m looking at your posts, I realized that I talked to you and Tim at the packet pick up for the San Dieguito Half and then again the next day shortly after you finished! I was cheering right before the turn into the finish line. I ran the San Diego Half as well! I’m not planning on running any half marathons until the Avocado Half in Fallbrook on May 23. If you are interested in that one, let me know–I may have some referral discount codes.

    • It’s great to hear from you. We are thinking of doing the avocado race. This weekend we will be signing up for May races. They should be on our races page by Monday morning. Let me know if you are doing any of them. I would love to see you again

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