#39 La Jolla


39 down only 13 to go.

This road HM had more intense hills than last weeks trail race. My running shoes have 370.2 miles on them and they are dead. Running downhill I felt each footfall jolt through my body. This week I am going to get new shoes. I love getting new running shoes. General guidelines say to replace shoes every 300 to 500 miles. I will still wear these shoes for short runs. I have noticed that my shoes need to be replaced more often now that I’m heavier. I also land heavier than I used to which wears shoes out faster. I’m sure it must have sounded like BarBar was chasing them, to all the people I passed on the downhill.

The La Jolla HM was only a 15 minute drive from our house. One of the many nice things about living in San Diego is that there are so many close races. This is nice for us because Tim works on Fridays now so it is more challenging to travel.

This HM was a point to point with the option to park at either end. We chose to park at the end point and take the bus to the start. I’m glad we did even though it meant getting up earlier. I really don’t like to hunt down buses after running a race. I was impressed by the luxury buses. Most of the race buses I have been on were old school buses that made scary noises. A father and son who were running the HM together sat across from us. How cool is that?

#39 La Jolla

I wonder whose idea this was

There were 6 waves based on what you thought your finishing time would be. I was wondering why Tim’s bib number started with a 5 and mine started with a 6, when we signed up at the same time. I always overestimate my time because I hate to get passed. Tim came back a wave to start with me.

#39 La Jolla

I promise that this is the last before picture in this awful shirt

This race had some stunning ocean views.

#39 La Jolla

Ocean view from a bridge

It also had awesome musical entertainment.

#39 La Jolla

Watching people work their arms while I work my legs

It soon became clear that not everyone was as fast as they thought they would be. In the first mile I started to see walkers with bibs from the 5th wave. I made a game of looking for the lowest bib numbers I could find. I passed a bunch of 4th and 5th wavers, a couple in the 3rd wave and one very fit looking guy in the 2nd wave who must have been having an awful day.

#39 La Jolla

Love this shirt

Both Tim and me started out with flip floppy tummies so I thought I was going to have an awful race but once I started running I started to feel stronger. I was able to run more than the first 5 miles even though there were some hills I would usually have walked. I knew the big hill was coming at mile 5.5 so I promised myself I would walk then. Much to my surprise I saw Tim ahead of me talking to a girl and running slow. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to run long with him because I needed to walk and Tim kept running up the Torrey Pines hill.

#39 La Jolla

Entering Torrey Pines

This race I realized that I talk out loud to myself just like a crazy person. I turned off my music when I started walking and said, “no music for walkers”. A woman next to me looked over and said, “That’s pretty harsh”. I noticed that most people were walking the hill. Tim has such a good eye for signs. I thought this picture was hilarious.

#39 La Jolla

Runners are so disobedient

The climb was hard but beautiful. Park rangers were out with signs and encouragement. This is the woman who made all the signs.

#39 La Jolla

I love owls

My favorite part of the race was the downhill after the Torrey hills climb. I flew past dozens of people. At least it felt like I was flying. I was probably only doing about a 9 minute mile.

#39 La Jolla

Every race should have a dancing banana

Unfortunately, the last couple miles of this race were pretty ugly with awful roads. And the race director must have known it because they had volunteers directing runners around potholes and telling us to be careful. I thought that was a nice touch.

Tim spotted a woman wearing a Sculpin t-shirt. Sculpin is a great beer made by a local brewery. I don’t usually like beer very much but I like Sculpin. On a hot day my favorite is a cold Grapefruit Sculpin. She was running Tim’s pace so he was just joking when he asked if she was sponsored by Ballast Point. It turns out she was.

#39 La Jolla

Ballast Point – Sponsor us!

After sprinting across the finish line I recovered in the medical tent for about 5 minutes. I used my asthma excuse but really I just wanted to sit in a chair in the shade and catch my breath. Tim also headed for the shade of the tent after the race mentioning his a-fib when they questioned him.

This race had chocolate milk! All races should have chocolate milk. We sat under a shady tree and listened to a fairly awful band as I drank my milk. There was a beer tent and after party but we didn’t go. I was sore and short of breath and just wanted to go home.

#39 La Jolla

We survived another race

After the race I found out that we had run right by Tim’s office and I didn’t even notice.


  • No designated race parking ($15 parking garage)
  • A section run next to heavy traffic (one lane was closed)
  • End on a crappy section of road
  • Quite pricey


  • Luxury buses
  • Plenty of port-o-pots
  • Ocean views
  • Running through Torrey Pines Park
  • Course music
  • Crowd support with fun signs and costumes
  • An aid station with baby wipes!
  • Chocolate milk
  • Handed a paper bag full of snacks after the race
  • Beer garden and band
#39 La Jolla

Tarzan ran the entire race barefoot

I woke up Sunday morning feeling tired and dreading what I knew was going to be a hilly race. I was wrong. I loved this race. It doesn’t get much better than running through Torrey Pines and along side the ocean in the same race. This race was beautiful and fun. It just had the good vibe feeling. In spite of the hills this is a very beginner friendly race. Everyone in the middle of the pack seemed to be walking the hills anyway. I would highly recommend this race. It’s quite popular and did sell out so if you want to do this race don’t wait until the last minute to sign up. The only real negative was that this was a spendy race but all the bigger races in CA are. I would like to do this race next year and maybe stay for the beer party.

#39 La Jolla

I feel sad and lonely. Please leave a comment and I will feel happy and loved.


  1. I am so happy to see a string of sunny running parties! Your smile gets bigger with each race! Are you noticing that the CA runners are a little more relaxed and friendlier? I think the PNW folks take things a little too seriously. What do you think? And have you ever gone down and gotten in the ocean to cool off after a run? It would be hard for me to not drag myself down to the beach and throw myself in the surf.

    I am feeling threatened by the banana — now I have to swap out hotdog for a banana costume. Love the pic of the father and son — what a beautiful family (not only do I NOT have runners in my family, our family pictures look like a mugshot lineup in Glasgow.) How do you keep finding the strange almost nude man to photograph and subsequently haunt us with?

    NEW SHOES! I am almost as excited to hear about the shoe purchase as I am the next race — if you can, include a shoe review. I am trying a pair of Brooks and also Asics (that’s the brand I wore when I could kick out a 7:45, but then again I was also ten years younger and 500 lbs lighter), as the Pegasus is what I think is wearing out my tendons.

    And Marilyn is right, we are reading and you are loved!

    • Thanks for responding to my desperate plea for comments. Sadly I found runners in OR more open and friendly at races but I might not be trying as hard anymore.
      It is too cold to go in the ocean right now especially if you are a wimp like me.
      And as for your banana comment I say -no no no – you are the hotdog. We saw another dancing banana this week. They’re common and your an original.
      What kind of Brooks? I just got another pair of Adrenalines. They are the shoe I always return to. Wow 500 pounds. You have gained more than me. I wish you lived here so we could hang out and do races together.

      • OK, I will keep the hotdog. I’m seriously considering doing my PDX Marathon in it, if I attach some kind of fundraising for charity aspect to it, like “if I can get $500 to the Humane Society I’ll wear the dog!” type thing.

        I got Adrenalines — I really liked a pair of Ghosts I had, but they blistered me, I hope these don’t. I’ve done a 5k in my Asics too, and already am noticing a difference in how my tendon feels. Yep, 500 lbs. If I wear a red shirt I look like the Kool-Aid mascot in my race pictures!

        I wish I lived there too so we could terrorize the CA runners!

        • When are you doing a marathon? You better not be over running on an injury. I’m really interested to know what you think of the Adrenalines. I have found that Wright brand socks are the best for no blisters. Let us know if you decide to run for a charity. We will donate to help make the hotdog happen.

  2. desertmarilyn

    Oh, Sharon, don’t feel sad and lonely! You are so loved! And I’m not the only one who reads your blog, you know. I’m apparently the only one lately who knows how to log in! I know Loraine reads your log, Jane reads your log, Mrs. Kraut reads your log. So maybe everyone’s on hiatus this month. Anyway, I look forward to getting up on Fridays and reading your blog. It’s part of my Friday happy-day ritual. You both look awesome – as usual – and happy at what you are doing. I love that this race had so many interesting people (seriously? running barefoot?) – and great costumes and signs. It’s the photos that personalize your experiences for me, although I do read every word of your blog. But the photos make me feel like I’m there with you. I can’t believe you are on the downhill side of your 52-week journey. I still think you and Tim could write a book about your experiences, and have lots of photos – and shots of the medals that Tim can make into wonderful bugs or something. Someday, you will look back on this journey with great nostalgia and lots of laughter (who could forget the carwash in Huntington Beach, for example?). I am still, always, in awe of both of you – your dedication to this project, your happiness in doing it, and your persistence even when you’re not feeling up for the HM, but do it anyway. You rock!! Sending you love and hugs, and I do hope to see you both soon! (Thanks for making it another wonderful Friday.)

    • Hi M thanks for the anniversary ecards. I love the cartoon. Yay us. I’m going to print it and use as a journal cover.
      We had a lovely anniversary but my diet went all to hell last weekend. I don’t even care. I will write a bit about it in Thursdays post. I don’t really feel sad and Lonley. I just wanted comments. Talk to you soon.

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