#43 Avocado Half


43 down only 9 to go.

Welcome to the final 10 countdown.

I’m a little worried about Tim. This is the third race in a row that his afib has slowed him down. I’m actually surprised that he ran at all because he was home from work sick for the 3 days leading up to this race. Monday he went to Urgent care and they gave him the Z-Pack.

Friday we drove to Fallbrook to pick up our packets and carb load at a Thai restaurant. Packet pickup was in a local brewery. It was quick but crowded.

Another early morning. At least the race was only an hour away.

#43 Avocado Half

Once this project is over I should burn this shirt

This race had some major water problems. It didn’t really affect me because I run with a handheld but after the race (in the forever bus line) I overheard quite a few complaints. First they ran out of cups. The volunteers did the best they could, even holding up giant jugs so people could cup their hands and get a drink. Then some of the aid stations ran out of water. They also ran out of water bottles at the finish. Oh dear. I think running out of water is the worst fail a race can have because it puts the runners health at risk.

The road at the start of the race was one of the most slanted we have run on. I hate slanted roads and tried to run in the middle. The run was pretty. Lots of trees and rural scenery. It was also very hilly. The race had two sections of out and back. Tim ran with me for a while so we were together on the first section. I got a high 5 from him on the second section out and back. I think this is the first time I have been ahead of him on the way back.

#43 Avocado Half

This guy ran 100 miles over the school year
(I thought he looked young to be an ultrarunner)

Towards the beginning of the race we had a cool encounter. A woman ran up to us and yelled, “Hey – 52 T-Shirts!”. I forget what race we first met her at but that was fun.

These 3 dancers were my favorite. They were singing and dancing their hearts out. On my way to the turnaround they were doing a rap and on my way back they were doing the hokey pokey.

#43 Avocado Half

You’re making me tired

I want to assure everyone that I am not a horrible wife who abandons Tim when he has an afib episode so I can beat him. We have talked about this and both of us agreed that it is best if we run our own races. When I stay with him during an afib I am a worrywart and drive him crazy asking if he is OK every 5 minutes. I’m more annoying than helpful. I know he knows how to take care of himself but I still fret.

This race ended with a long downhill. That’s my favorite way to end a race. Yay gravity.

There was a place close to the finish that had a good view of incoming runners. It’s not often that I get a chance to get a photo of Tim as he sprints the end of a race.

#43 Avocado Half

Here he comes

#43 Avocado Half

and he rounds the corner

#43 Avocado Half

Pretty sure he’s telling me to stop taking his photo

I usually don’t care that much about the medal but this one was impressive. Besides being a colored flag (memorial day) with an avocado, it was huge.

#43 Avocado Half

I’m thinking about turning my medal into a belt buckle

There was no problem getting the bus to the start but getting a bus back to the parking lot took a lot longer. The line snaked around the parking lot. We were waiting for a bus for about 45 minutes. We got a chance to talk to some of the people in the bus line. There was a lot of complaining.


  • Ran out of cups at aid stations
  • Music through speakers was all staticy
  • Ran out of water at some aid stations
  • Very slanted roads
  • Long wait for bus back to car
  • Volunteers yelling “last hill” when it wasn’t
  • Ran out of after race bottles of water


  • Scenic
  • Great volunteers doing all they could for runners
  • Downhill finish
  • Huge cool medal
  • Wearable tech shirt
  • We got an avocado
  • Bag check
#43 Avocado Half

I’m not sure I would know it was an avocado out of context

Oddly enough I really liked this race. It is only the second year and they definitely have some things to work out but everyone seemed to really care and that made all the difference. This race had a fun vibe even though so many things went wrong. I would mildly recommend it. I hope they get the water situation figured out next year. I think it had my favorite medal. If you do this race and you think you might be in the mid or back of the pack I recommend carrying your own water. Also be prepared for hills.

Fun fact: Fallbrook California is the avocado capital of the world.

Sharon’s Super Easy Guacamole
  1) Smoosh a ripe or overripe avocado with a fork
  2) Add your favorite salsa
  3) Mix

#43 Avocado Half


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  1. Sharon and Tim: wonderful pics! So impressed with your commitment to achieving the goal. Sleep must have been wonderful following the last race!

    We still miss you!!

  2. desertmarilyn

    Yay, Tim, no a-fib!!! I hope this is the start of a good trend. Sharon, you look totally fit and fabulous, yes you do! Good to talk with you, and I’ll be seeing you very soon. Isn’t life interesting – and awesome!!! Love to you both.

  3. That is a damn fine medal! The giant avocado looks kind of menacing, like a possessed butternut squash that’s out to suck children into the gaping hole in the middle. NO LIKE! Sorry Tim’s a-fib acted up, I hope it settled down for your next race — hubby heart stuff would scare the crap out of me too.

    Is it sort of a “walk in the park” for you at this point to run these? You certainly look fit and fabulous, I am thinking a marathon will be a piece of cake for you guys. I am interested to hear how the San Diego RnR event went — I did the PDX one earlier in May and was impressed, I had prepared myself to scoff at the corporateness of it but it was actually nicely done.

    • Yep, that was one manic looking avocado. I thought it was strange how they tried to sexy it up with long eyelashes and red lipstick.
      I wouldn’t say the races have gotten easier because when I feel good I push harder. As for being ready for a marathon, your very funny. Even during the halfs I still walk every hill larger than a speed bump. It will be 6 or more months before I’m doubling the HM distance.
      I hope your not giving your running injury any more back to back races. Take care of yourself.

  4. Great race but couldn’t take the time to digest it as we about packed and ready to fly and sail!
    You kids look great and only a few more to go.. will catch up when we return about June 16th.
    Love you, love you!

  5. desertmarilyn

    First thought: OMG, Sharon is posting a recipe!!! This is a first for you, and I love it!.

    I laughed out loud at the last photo of Tim after the race, obviously unhappy about having his picture taken. Reminded me of you, Sharon, when you weren’t feeling well. It probably feels like paparazzi bothering you while you’re recovering.

    I love that you are now down to single digits – and still sounding enthusiastic about your adventure. I hope Tim’s a-fib resolves itself, it’s kind of scary, but I’m sure he knows what he has to do. But it’s got to be hard not to be a worrywart. (That’s a really good word, Sharon.)

    I will be thinking of you both this weekend, sending you love and good vibes for a great run, no a-fib for Tim, no hills for you, plenty of water, and good weather. Not to mention another fabulous medal. Be especially kind and good to yourselves, you’re on the downhill run. Unbelievable that you’ve done so many HMs. Sending you hugs and lots of love, always.

    • It’s not much of a recipe but it’s about as complicated as my cooking gets.
      Even when I’m not sick I don’t like having my picture taken but I’m a lot better about it than I used to be. I think I have had my picture taken more during this project adventure than the rest of my life combined. I still feel bad that I snapped at you. I am a grumpy sick person.
      This is a spoiler but your love and good vibes worked. No afib for Tim.

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