#46 Wild Horse Half Marathon


46 down only 6 to go.

I have this weird idea that I love trail running. I have this unfounded belief that I am a better trail runner than road runner. I’m not sure where I got this belief as it is clearly not the case. All my epic fail, pain fest, races have been on trails. I hurt for 5 days after FOURmidable and I almost came in last at The Enchanted Forest Wine Run. Only 2 women (in fairy costumes) came in after me. As you probably guessed from this intro, this weeks race was another trail race. And it was not my best race of the year. I have noticed that I have more frequent and more intense asthma attacks during trail races. I think dust is a trigger.

I did something really stupid last weekend. After having a great race we came home and went for a walk on the beach. I wore my flip flops and carried them as we walked in the surf. After about a mile I noticed that my feet were hurting. It hurt even more when I put my flip flops back on. By the time we got home I had a huge blister on both pads of my feet. How stupid to get blisters after a race. I have been trying to run a couple times a week but needless to say I did no running leading up to this week.

Sunday morning we got to sleep in until 4am. This sounds like a bad joke but we have had to get up at 3am for almost all of our California races.

#46 Wild Horse Half Marathon

We had views of Otay Lake almost the whole race

This was actually a beautiful race. It was just an off day for me. I felt tired before I even started. This wasn’t an overly technical trail but I was in a clumsy mood. I kept tripping over rocks and roots. I wasted over 5 minutes trying to get sand out of my shoe. It would have made a good comedy skit. I took off my shoe to dump out the sand but I lost my balance and my foot landed in the sand, getting more sand in my shoe than I dumped out. I repeated this twice before I sat down rather than trying to balance one one foot. The trail was mostly single track with some out and backs and one small section of road. There were a couple sections of trail where runners were coming back on a single track trail that just didn’t fit two people. The bridges were really tricky with runners coming and going. I love bridges but these were a little in need of repair.

I like this series (it’s a Dirt Devil race) but I think they need chip timing. Gun timing makes us runners that start in the back seem even slower than we are. It also makes slow runners even less likely to make the cutoff. For really small races this isn’t an issue but for a mid sized race with age group prizes I think it is an issue. Just like the last Dirt Devil race we did (Foxy Half Marathon), I found this race well organized. I had a bit of a problem with a couple arrows that seemed to be pointing down 2 separate paths but Tim had no problems [except when I wasn’t paying attention and followed someone down the wrong path – Tim] so I think that is just my bad trail skills. At one point I actually waited for the person behind me to see which way they went. I had a pretty bad asthma attack and ended up walk/running the last half of the race. The weather app on my phone said the sun wouldn’t come out until 1pm, but it lied. The last 3 miles were in direct sun. Since living in Oregon I don’t deal well with heat.

We got another pint glass as swag after this race. We are getting quite a set. We also could have gotten a free beer but didn’t, Tim because he was driving and me because I just don’t want beer with breakfast. I sat in the shade and Tim got me water and a burrito. Tim is great – he always waits on me while I cool down and catch my breath. Burritos are great after race food.

#46 Wild Horse Half Marathon

Another after race picture in a parking lot

#46 Wild Horse Half Marathon

Hey! Who is that blond Tim’s kissing?


  • Gun timing only
  • Lots of dust
  • Some 2 way traffic on single track
  • I found some of the markers confusing (but I think it was just me)


  • Race day packet pickup
  • Parking near start/finish
  • Beautiful sceanery
  • Enthusiastic volunteers
  • Pint glasses (as well as a t-shirt and medal)
  • Burritos and beer
  • Free photos
#46 Wild Horse Half Marathon

Photography by Pat
Tim Takes the high road

#46 Wild Horse Half Marathon

Photography by Pat
She looks tired

In spite of having a bad day I thought this was a well organized, beautiful race. There are a couple reasons that this might not be the best race for slower runners. They have a 3 hour cutoff but they didn’t enforce it, however they were taking down the start/finish line after 3 and a half hours with runners still on the course. Also, it isn’t pleasant to be a slow runner at a trail race because you end up eating the dust of those in front. This race only had one real climb and then rollers so it would be a good race to do if you wanted to try out trails but didn’t want to climb mountains. Aid stations were a bit sparse so bring your own water bottle and watch your footing on those wooden bridges.

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Preview: Next week we are running in Mammoth Lakes on Sunday and then spending a couple days in San Francisco. Tim is there for a work conference and I’m there to shop.

#46 Wild Horse Half Marathon


  1. Tim and the airborne pictures! He is a riot! I feel a strong urge to do trail runs too but I know it will just end in disaster — I’ve almost signed up for several and then the arthritis in my broken ankle/foot combo gives me a “don’t be a DUMBASS!” ping and I stop right before I put in my credit card information. I always think “well, if I loose a TON of weight so I’m like some wood nymph I’ll get better” but then I’ll trip over thin air and come to my senses. Those bridges would have claimed me as a major casualty, I would never have gotten over them without crashing.

    P.S. I dig your hair!

    • You would love trail running especially in Oregon were they have such nice groomed trails. Trails are actually easier on the body than pavement.
      I’m back to being a redhead next week.

  2. desertmarilyn

    Wow, the pictures on this posting are the best I’ve seen! And you always have great photos, but I really like these, especially the ones of Tim at the finish line (you go, Tim!) and of you two kissing. Is it true blondes have more fun, Sharon? I certainly think I’ve been having more fun as a blonde than when I was a redhead. I love that you’re heading up to SF for some R&R. Will you be running an HM while there? Or just shopping? Actually, I hope you’re shopping, it’s such a fun thing to do on vacation. 6 more to go, unbelievable! Michael and I were talking about you in yoga this morning. He has continuing afib issues also, and was in the hospital last week to “get re-started.” He says he’s tired a lot. If that’s part of afib, then it’s really even more amazing that Tim runs these HMs, and does it with such elan and style.

    I am so happy for you two, that you’re near completion of your last year’s birthday wish, and are going to San Francisco to enjoy the cool, beautiful ocean breezes and fog. Please have an Irish Coffee for me at the BV if you get to Fisherman’s Wharf.

    (By the way, Sharon, did you get the blisters from the race or from walking in the sand in flip-flops?)

    Enjoy THE CITY, and your shopping, and just having such a great city to walk around in, awesome food, etc. I miss SF, especially on days like today (112 here)…..we’ve been having the usual June insanity heat. I will be happy to get over your way for a week of cool bliss.

    Stay healthy and happy, you two, and I’ll see you soon! Sending you love and hugs – always.

    • Hi Marilyn Just got home from SF on W night. We ran in Mammoth Lakes then drove to SF but we are running in SF next month.
      I got blisters walking on sand. I still have remnants of both. It was very silly of me.
      I’m looking forward to seeing you. Will you give me the dates you will be in SD again because I am absent minded.

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