48 down only 4 to go.

“I can tell you’re tired, and it sounds like you both are very ready for this to be something wonderful you did in the past.”, my friend, Marilyn, wrote in comments last week and I quoted her because I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hate to admit how much I did not want to run Saturday. This race was a low point both mentally and physically for me. Traveling is more exhausting than running.

After our race last weekend in Mammoth Lakes we had a long drive to San Francisco, where we ate and drank too much, then we had another long drive home. We were beat by the time we got back to San Diego. Thanks to Tim for doing all the driving (even if his driving scares me) as I hate to drive.

The last thing I need to discover is another fried food I love but that’s what happened in San Francisco. Fried pickles! We went out to eat (and drink) with Tim’s boss, Brandon and Brandon’s girlfriend. They ordered fried pickles as an appetizer. My first thought was WTF. I would never have ordered this but after trying them I had to stop myself eating the entire basket. Really – if you ever have a chance to try fried pickles, do it.

We woke up Saturday morning and both agreed that it felt like we had done a race only a couple of days ago, not 6 days ago.

This was the exact same race we did when Marilyn was visiting. It was the closest race that weekend and we wanted to do as little traveling as possible. Fortunately, no crazy guy tried to wash our car this time but unfortunately, Marilyn wasn’t there to take pictures and lift our spirits. I was glad we were doing a relatively close race on a familiar course. Given how tired I was, familiarity was comforting.

#48 Summer Celebration Half Marathon

At least we remembered to take a before picture

This race was an out and back, done twice for the half marathon. I like out and backs because it makes me happy to see Tim. During this race it was nice to see him in front of me because I assumed that meant his afib wasn’t acting up.

#48 Summer Celebration Half Marathon

Smile for the camera

Except for feeling more beat than usual this was a pretty uneventful run for me. I was able to pass 2 people in the last quarter of this race. At this point, I’ve had just a little practice pacing myself at races.

#48 Summer Celebration Half Marathon

A welcome sign

I tried to pick it up when I saw Tim at the finish line aiming his camera at me. Someone yelled “Sprint in” and I yelled back, “I am.” I’m glad Tim got this picture because we forgot to take an after picture.

#48 Summer Celebration Half Marathon

I am sprinting

After the race we talked to a woman who is doing a half marathon a month for a year. She started in January. I love hearing cool stuff like that. Good luck in San Francisco. Tim suggested that our next project should be a movie every weekend. Sounds like a plan.


  • Parking lot opens at 7:00am for a 7:30am race
  • No t-shirt



  1. desertmarilyn

    First of all, I love, love, love the photos in this post! Tim’s finish photo is a hoot, and I like Sharon’s, too. Neat photos. I think part of the reason I’m so fond of this posting is that I was there once, so I felt more connected to your run. I’m honored to be quoted in your blog, Sharon! And you weren’t kidding, this is your shortest blog yet. (I have this crazy idea that the last HM blog will say “Ran. Stopped. Done.”)

    I was happy to hear that the crazy car wash guy wasn’t around for the pre-race madness. But he certainly gave us an interesting memory, one of the crazy highlights of your 52-week journey!

    I am so thrilled that we will be able to get together while I’m in SD. It makes the whole trip even more special. I cannot wait to put my feet on the sand and smell the ocean breeze. And to spend some time with the two of you will be the frosting on the cake!

    Stay happy and healthy, know that you’re loved, and I’ll see you soon, very soon!! Sending hugs and laughter….always!

    • Now I am so tempted to start my last post,”ran. Stopped. Done.” That made me laugh. I am looking forward to seeing you and meeting your friend. Love you and see you soon.

      • desertmarilyn

        I hope you do use that quote, Sharon! It’s perfect. Says it all. Thanks again for the love and laughter (and food and wine) I shared with you two and Mary while visiting. I already miss SD, and woke up hungry for seafood. I am asking the universe for a miracle so I can move to SD. Won’t that be fun?

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