#50 Shoreline


50 down only 2 to go!

Since my last couple posts have been whiny, bitch fests, I see no reason to change my tone now. Seriously – I was hoping my last 3 race reports would be positive, inspirational, and fun to read. But alas, it was not to be. This race was a mess.

The race was on Sunday so we got a hotel Saturday night planning to get a good nights sleep before the race. Alas, that was not to be, either. Around midnight a loud girl was fighting with someone and the cops came. Then, about 2am some people decided to have a party in the courtyard right outside our window. Tim asked them to keep it down and they did, for about 5 minutes. He called the front desk and someone kicked them out. We got up at 6am. Tim commented that we would have been better off if we had skipped the hotel and just got up at 3am (the usual) to drive to Ventura.

The area we stayed at in Ventura had lots of thrift stores. I love thrift stores! I bought 2 shirts (only $3 each) and helped an animal shelter.

#50 Shoreline

No – I will not dress my age

The HM started out at 8am, which I think is a little late for a race in July. This was one of the most disorganized races we have done. I’m glad we didn’t opt for the day of race packet pickup. There was a long, slow moving line. The MC announced that the race started in 20 minutes and people should have gotten there earlier or picked up their packets the day before. Really? – Dont offer a service and then berate people for using it. They also said they had a bag check but no one knew where it was. A pacer who needed to get to her corral was frantically trying to find the bag check. We finally got our bags checked but some of the volunteers were downright rude.

#50 Shoreline

The weather report said cool and cloudy

Standing in our corral we got talking to a guy name Dale who was doing a HM a month. He started running after beating cancer. This was his 26th HM. We talked to him and his wife after the race, as well.

#50 Shoreline

Just an awesome dude kicking cancers ass

The weather report said cool and cloudy. It lied. This was the hottest race we have done this year. We have been really lucky this summer but this race was hot and I definitely got a case of heat exhaustion. I was really worried about Tim because one of his afib triggers is heat but he had a great race (yay).

I’m glad I wore my goofy looking Hoka shoes because my feet hurt more during this HM than any other race. In spite of my not running at all during the week for the last couple of weeks, my Achilles tendon started hurting almost immedieatly, as soon as I started to run. Also, a blister popped. Did I mention my black toenails. Poor feet – I promise to rest you after 2 more races.

#50 Shoreline

Really – you had to show us that?

I did have some good conversations this race. I talked to a guy who was running with his son in the same way I run with Tim, meaning they were both way ahead of us. We ran together for about 3 miles. I also talked to a woman and her teenage daughter who were running together.

It was a beautiful course. At least they did that right. Unfortunately it was a popular path with agro guys on 10 speeds who appeared to be out for a training ride, very scary. You also had to watch out not to get clotheslined by dogs on leashes.

#50 Shoreline

The views were the best thing about this HM

This race started out warm and got hot. No clouds. The last half of the race I was both sweating and had chills. I got to the point where I was walking every couple of minutes.

This race made the one unforgivable fuck up. They ran out of water. As a race director, even if you get everything else right (not something this race was guilty of) you have failed if you run out of water. The last 2 aid stations were out of water and one before it ran out of cups. I came in 380th out of 415, so there were a lot of people behind me who had a long way to go without water. The volunteers blamed the heat. I understand that people drank more because it was hot out but the heat made it even more dangerous for runners who now had no water. They had water at the end and someone could have taken water to an aid station. When I suggested it to a group of volunteers just hanging out (8 teenagers) they shrugged with a not my job attitude.

#50 Shoreline

Weird running kit

They had tacos and beer after the race but the line was so long we didn’t even bother. I felt so awful I just wanted to take a shower and go home. This was one of the most demoralizing races of this project for me. I thought I had made a breakthrough and here I am back at my old race times. Everything hurt after this race. I practically crawled the 3 blocks back to the hotel.

Next week we are doing a repeat Charlie Alewine race. That’s the race I targeted for my last PR attempt. I may need to rethink that. I want to be able to run our last race. Even if I take it easy next weekend I will still be happy to be doing a familiar race that I know has a good running surface. Damn it feet – heal.


  • Chaotic bag drop
  • MC berates runners in line at packet pickup
  • Very hot
  • Agressive bicyclists
  • Crowded course
  • Uninformed volunteers
  • Ugly t-shirt with lots of sponsor logos
  • After finish you had to walk to the other side of expo for water
  • Long line for tacos and beer
  • Ran out of cups
  • Ran out of water! Last 2 aid stations
  • An overall lack of caring about runners


  • Many very nice volunteers
  • Nice beach views
#50 Shoreline

But she did survive

I hated this race. Even if they hadn’t run out of cups and water this would have been a mediocre race at best. The combination of my body falling apart (sore feet and heat) and the one fuck up after another that this HM was, mentally defeated me. I do not recommend this race. I would never recommend a race that runs out of water with almost 100 runners still on the course. Shame on you, Shoreline HM. Even carrying my own water I got a nasty case of heat exhaustion that lasted about 9 hours. Come run the beach path but don’t bother with this race. It was a mess with a bad attitude.

#50 Shoreline


Oh no, what have we done? We signed up for our first full marathon. We are doing the Beat the Blerch marathon in November. I don’t think that is enough time to train for a marathon but it’s on Tim’s birthday weekend and that’s what he wants to do.

Please cheer Sharon up by leaving a comment. Come on – only 2 more chances to leave a comment.

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  1. Hey Sharon,
    How was #51? It must have been a huge improvement over the misery of #50. }:o}>
    My feet looked about the same as yours after breaking in a shiny, new pair of shoes on the Shoreline. (Pretty much the worst thing one can do, but I showed up (at the same hotel) with only one of my running shoes in my kit. Arrgh.) They’re better now, or perhaps my neuropathy is blocking the pain. I hope to do better on August 1st at the Special Olympics Half in Long Beach.
    Along the lines of “what else can go wrong”, I slogged through the Ojai Half (run by the same outfit, I think) in April (also a very hot day), and somewhere along the way the timing chip fell off my shoe. Most fortunately one of the pacers found it, picked it up and managed to spot me while still on the course. Saying she thought I might want it before crossing the finish line, she handed it back (Woot!). I sure looked ungainly when I stooped to swipe my hand with the chip over the mat at the finish line!
    Anyway, meeting you and Tim at the Shoreline was a great pleasure, and a wonderful encouragement for me.
    Dale (the Half-Crazy dude in the photo above)

  2. Dear god, is that person running in gauze harem pants? This run sounds like a total freeforall. I am sorry your final runs have been turdfests. Water, it’s the ONE THING they have to do right, how do they mess it up? How is your achilles? Mine has given up on trying to tell me things. Oh, and I think I might have broken a toe, but don’t feel like bending over to check — it’s way down there and my boobs are in the way. It will have to heal on it’s own. I think you will end up growing a new set of tootsies after the next run, there’s not much left of the ones you have now. I am going to be sending super positive vibes for your last race — even though it means I won’t get to look at pictures of people running around in orange caftans and tiny tiger panties anymore. HOORAY on the Blerch run! I am dying to do one of those. You will have a great first marathon, I haven’t heard one negative thing about the Blerch runs. Nutella and couches for 26 miles, sounds perfect! Hope school is going great!

    • I’m so glad to hear from you. I was going to try calling you but somehow in our move I lost your phone number and email address.
      I’m sorry to hear about your feet but jealous of your boobs. I could gain 500pounds and I would still be a B cup. My Achilles is getting worse. I’m glad I only have one more run before I take a feet healing break. There really is nothing to do for a broken toe.
      Thanks for sending good vibes. I need all the help I can get. I plan to take a lot of pictures in SF on the last run.
      The weather here has been weird as well. Supposedly it never rains in July and we have had some freak storms.
      It would be beyond awesome if you did the Blerch marathon with us. We could share a hotel. I know it’s probably impossible but it would fun in a weird sense of the word.
      I hope we will stay in contact. It is so rare that I meet people I like enough to want to be real friends with.

      • I will send my contact info to your hubby via Facebook! I went to the Blerch site and it says everything is sold out — I would love to do it. Do keep me posted if you do any more runs and I will see if we can coordinate — I love doing runs in places I’ve never been. I will keep looking for an entry for the Blerch for sale! Sorry about your achilles — I have no idea how to get that sucker to stop hurting. The most running I’ve done lately is chasing after a cat who’s got something gross stuck to his butt and is on his way to the furniture with it, so maybe the rest will help. I’ve already signed up for a ton of crap, though, including that sweet little Albany half, so I should probably do some kind of training.

        • Oh no, do they have a waiting list? It wasn’t too long ago that we signed up. We will be in lovely Elkton over Christmas maybe we could do a run that week. We plan to do a couple HMs during our marathon training maybe we could find one we both want to do.
          How is your toe? Unfortunately they say the only way to heal an Achilles issue is to rest it so you might want to make chasing your poopy butt cat your long run until it heals. I hope you can do Albany. It was a sweet race.
          Tim will look for your contact info and I won’t lose it again.

  3. Sharon, You didn’t tell me how to send you an e mail card as it will easier for me.. I have the perfect one for you. Maybe Tim can go on my FB and leave a private message for your email. I have an e mail for you but do you use it??
    Let me know ASAP as we plan to leave Wednesday.
    Love you, Jane

  4. Hi Sharon and Tim –

    Wow, only TWO more to go, CONGRATULATIONS!! I was just reading your last few posts and I don’t think you sounded whiny or anything, I think you and Tim are connoisseurs of half marathons at this point and can say with some authority how well or poorly a race was organized.

    That really sucks about your blisters and Tim’s a-fib acting up, but at the same time, this has had to have been quite the bonding experience. I think I would have been more surprised if you two DIDN’T sign up for a marathon after this :O)

    Congratulations to you (and Tim!) on starting your massage class, and hope the next two races are the best ever!

  5. Hi, Sharon and yes, Tim, too!
    I saw this on Friday morning but needed time to write and this has been the first chance… Saturday morning.
    For some reason your posts have not been coming up in my inbox as they have in the past so that is why I haven’t commented. Marilyn told me I had to go and find you every Friday, but just didn’t take the time to do it. I think I have missed your last four posts so am so glad this came up.. wonder why just now.
    Actually, I think you both look great and if I hadn’t read about your frustrations I wouldn’t have know the hell you went through.
    Very interesting and since I never went through the toes and feet problems, this has taught you perseverance and fortitude in racing and life. This was your goal to do 50 so finish it up and go on to a marathon. I just wish and hope you can train for it as it is another 13.2 miles. I worry also about you two so take care of your health and be aware of signs to look for. That heat exhaustion can be deadly. I am surprised the race started at 8 in July as well. Back in Illinois they all started about 6 am, which was perfect. Even in Tucson they started later so have no idea why. Running out of water was so dangerous as well.
    What is the best way to send you an e card for your birthday? Your email .. is it the same or a new one? Let me know. We may be gone about that time so want to program one.
    John had a “little spell” July 5th of loss of balance on his left side. We thought he was dehydrated but it was probably a little TIA which lasted 5 to 10 minutes. He had three major brain and artery MRI’s and MRA’s yesterday to check things out but no news yet.. hopefully Monday the dr. will call, as we want to see our kids in Vegas. Will keep you posted.
    I admire you doing this but I still worry. It can wear down your body and tissues so be careful.
    Much love,

    • We were on the Alaska cruise for two of the races , I see and then just wasn’t notified for the others.
      Mammoth has great hiking trails.

    • Hi Jane
      The posts may have stopped coming to your inbox because we had to switch servers. Sorry.
      I hope you had a good trip. It sounds awesome.
      We are actually doing 52 HM. Only SF left. I hope my feet last that long.
      I’m sorry to hear about Johns “spell”. Please let him know that we are thinking about him. That must’ve been scary for you as well. Love to both of you.

  6. desertmarilyn

    I had no idea when I talked with you that this HM was so horrible! When I look at the photos, especially the ones of you, Sharon, I can see the exhaustion and frustration in your face and body language. I also had no idea your toes were so black and horrible. I am so delighted you only have 2 HMs to go, because you both need to take a good, long break. I don’t know how you run with all the issues you both are having.

    Please take extra special care of yourselves over these last few races. I am now officially worried about both of you!

    It was absolutely beyond awesome to have some time with both of you in San Diego. I agree, I need to be there. Wonder if someone has a garage I could rent? Probably the rent would be too high, anyway. But at least I can come visit once in a while. It was delicious to get out of the heat and over to the ocean. And even more wonderful to see you two – and you both look so settled and happy in your new beach life.

    It’s “only” going to be 100 today, and it’s overcast (rained last night), so it will be a good day in the desert. I’m heading out to yoga class, and will say hello to everyone for you. Get some rest, soak your feet in Epsom salts or something healing. And please give each other a big hug from me. Talk with you soon!

    • Yep my feet are a mess. It was so great to have some wine and relax with you. School is fun but tons of work. I need to make sure I keep running or you are going to be reading a pretty interesting post after the marathon.

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