I’m doomed. We planned to take 2 weeks off of running after finishing our last HM and then start training for the marathon. Alas – that was not to be. Conveniently, just when we were going to start running again we both got sick with a cold like flu thing. We beat the crap out of our bodies for a year but we got sick after a couple of relaxing weekends looking at the ocean. Go figure. The following weekend I still wasn’t feeling well but was scared enough about the marathon to try running anyway. If I had been thinking clearly I would have suggested that we do a short run but because it was the weekend and that was our long run time we went to San Dieguito Park for a long run. Our long run turned out to be 4 miles and about half of that was walking.

I didn't even enjoy myself running downstairs

I didn’t even enjoy myself running downstairs

This is a beautiful park but not as big as I thought it was. It is too small to do a real long run.

Just look at this bridge

Just look at this bridge

I really gave it my best shot but I had nothing. I was at points chilled yet sweating, hot yet I had goose bumps, nauseous, dizzy, and my legs just refused to run. It took us over an hour to do 4 miles before I admitted that I was still too sick for this. I’m pretty sure Tim knew fairly early on that this was not going to be a long run. You know – because of the cussing, crying, and general lack of running. We went home and took a shower and a nap.

The scenery was beautiful

The scenery was beautiful

Instead of just doing a long run on the weekends like we have been doing for the last year we are actually getting up Tuesday and Thursday mornings to run about 4 miles before Tim goes to work. That means getting up a little before 5am and running while it’s still dark. I promise to take a running beach photo for my next post but this morning Tim spotted this on the beach.

They buried radioactive Mickey and Minnie

They buried radioactive Mickey and Minnie

Our next weekend training run was a little more successful but about half of what we planned to run. It was a hot, hilly 7.1 miles. We should have gotten an earlier start. We have found the trail that we plan to do most of our long runs on. It is Los Peñasquitos Canyon about a 20 minute drive from our house.

What a beautiful trail

What a beautiful trail

I thought I was in Tucson for a minute

I thought I was in Tucson for a minute

We plan to get an early start and double our milage this weekend. To beat the heat we will truly have to get up, once again, at -Fuck This! o’clock.

Our new stomping grounds

Our new stomping grounds

We had a good talk this week about getting serious about our marathon training. We decided to get serious about losing weight again over a plate of Donner Fries and a bottle of wine.

Speaking of Donner Fries – our friends Elise and Jessie from Tucson were in San Diego so we went out for wine and Donner Fries (I just don’t understand why my weight loss has plateaued). Jessie took this picture so, sadly, he isn’t in it.

It was great to see you guys

It was great to see you guys

On a different topic – my massage school is going ok. It is billed as a “holistic” massage school. Apparently, that means a lot of woo-woo nonsense and a bunch of teachers who liked the 70’s so much they decided to stay there. As Tim put it, “Jerry is dead, move on”. If I hear “Thank you for sharing”, one more time I’ll scream. It actually does have a good massage program and I’m learning a lot.

In other non running related news, August 30th was the 20 year anniversary of the night me and Tim met. We went to Amplified to celebrate. We did have wine but not the Donner Fries. Wow – we must really be getting serious. Oddly, it feels, both like we met not so long ago and like we have been together forever. Happy anniversary, my darling. I love you beyond words.

So that has been out marathon training for the last month. A couple 4 mile runs and a long run of 7.1 miles. We got this (sigh).

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  1. Well, better late than never, Sharon & Tim! It was wonderful to have a catchup talk with Sharon tonight. I am remiss in not reading the blog. Bad girl! I think it’s because I knew you were not going to regularly post to your blog, so I just didn’t check it. I am stunned to hear/read that you are still committed to the marathon in November! You two amaze me, always. I hope that your health (a-fib, heels, toes, feet, attitude) hold up for the marathon. Is Mrs. Kraut going to join you at your November madness? I would love to be there, but I don’t think it can happen

    It was so wonderful to hear your voice tonight, Sharon. I can’t wait to see you both again – and don’t forget, there’s always a place for you to stay in Tucson (and a place always for you in my heart!!!!).

    Love and hugs from humid, hot, Tucson. (Althought from what you said, SD isn’t much cooler!). Let’s see what we can do about getting together soon. xxxooo

  2. Yes, I know all about The Donner Family so wondered about how these connected… I get it. To Die For!!
    Thanks for the pic as well.

  3. Sorry you folks got The Crud that has been felling people right and left! Glad you’ve recovered, and I’m glad for all of us ’cause now we get to read your fantastic recaps. You had me snorting my coffee with this one, Ms. Skinny!

    What the hell are Donner fries?

    Thank you for sharing,


    • Tim

      Well… you’ve heard of the Donner party, right….

      Well these fries have nothing to do with them. They are a pile of deliciously yummy goodness.

      Take fries and cover them with paprika, lettuce, lamb, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, and a tzatziki sauce.

      When they arrive it is hard not to crouch over them growling and striking out at anyone who might be eyeballing the yummy morsels that are MINE! Then I realize that I agreed to share them with Sharon, and that is a good thing because if I ate the whole plate I would explode.

    • Luckily we felt better during our last weekend run. Check out the Jack and Jill marathon. I think it’s going to be our marathon after the blerch. Tim has this insane idea that we should do two marathons then two 50Ks and then a 50 miler on or near his 50th birthday. If you have any interest at all in doing this marathon let me know and we can make plans.
      I love it when you call me Ms skinny.

  4. Sharon,
    In my haste to eat my oatmeal and Greek yogurt before heading to the gym, I completely forgot to wish you guys a Happy 20th!
    You were meant for each other and it shows. You both made the right choice and that is the secret to a great and happy marriage. It is making the right choice!

  5. OMG, What a trip you two have been on! WOW! Well, that can happen, you train, you run and run and run all year, take a couple of weeks off and you get sick. That just figures. It happened to me so just keep running!
    I had to laugh at your funny comments, Sharon, as they were hysterical. You do have a way with words.
    We will have to have Donner Fries whenever we get back to SD, which is not in the near future. The closest will be is Vegas and Death Valley in late October.
    In spite of these hardships, you wrote a very funny blog, so you have your humor, and well, just get serious and do that marathon, but do train first.
    Loved the photos and I loved that bridge!
    I heard from Elise and Jessie about their trip and with you. Donner fries, hmmmm! Mmmmmmm
    Love to you both,

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