I have made an awful mistake. When I was reading the general information about the Beat The Blerch marathon it stated that there was a 7 hour cutoff. I thought that would be cutting it close. It turns out (on a closer reading) that all the Blerch marathons except Sacramento have a 7 hour cutoff. Sacramento has a 6 hour cutoff. Why?! How did I miss this piece of information? If we were to run the marathon at our current pace (note that this pace is at a shorter distance) the – you’re a slow fat ass and we need to open the course to traffic now – sweeper vehicle would be giving us a ride to the finish. I wouldn’t get my medal. Usually I don’t care about medals but I really want a Blerch medal.

Here is the data from our last 5 long runs.

We have only done one long run at Los Peñasquitos Canyon since the last time I wrote. It has been crazy hot in San Diego so we decided to do our Saturday runs closer to home. We hope to get back on the trails as soon as it cools down.

Peace Rocks

Peace Rocks

Although I do have a gay friend who once pooped in the woods

Although I do have a gay friend who once pooped in the woods

Our new route starts on the promenade which is only steps from our door. We leave the house at (you guessed it) Fuck This O’Clock and run a couple miles next to the ocean. The promenade is oddly deserted before dawn. To beat the heat we are running in the dark for at least the first hour.

Sharon running on the beach

Sharon running on the beach

At the end of the promenade we cross the street and get onto the bay path. The bay path is a loop that always has interesting scenery and beautiful views. It’s more practical than running on the trail because the entire route has bathrooms and even vending machines for cold water and Gatorade. Did you know vending machines take credit cards now? I suppose it is old news but I was surprised.

Bird gives us a suspicious look

Bird gives us a suspicious look

Birds give us suspicious looks

Birds give us suspicious looks

It’s nice not to have to drive to our run spot but the downside is that we are running on mostly concrete, not the best surface for old bones and joints. We have also had some interesting issues on our around the bay runs. On our first bay run a section of the path was closed to foot traffic due to boat races. This is a popular running path so there were a lot of confused runners in the street looking for a new route. On our second run we found ourselves in the middle of a race. Volunteers were cheering for racers as well as for those of us who were just out for a run. That was nice. It was weird to be in the middle of a race but not in the race. The third week we finally made it around the bay.

Foot Bridge

We’ll be back here soon

This coming weekend we won’t be doing any trail running. The weather report predicts a high of 89° and I’m taking the route that has cold beverages available. My tummy is a hot weather wimp. It’s hard for me to keep even a Gu down when I’m overheating. That reminds me – we tried a new Gu flavor. They just came out with a Maple Bacon Gu. The nice man at Just Run, a new La Jolla running store, gave me a free sample. I’m not sure what I thought of it but I’m going to stick to Salted Caramel. They need to partner with Nutella. That’s a Gu I would try.

Paddle Boarders

I want to learn to paddle board

In addition to our long runs we have been running a little over 4 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. At least that is the plan, We usually only make it 2 out of the 3 days. We run early enough that the promenade is almost empty. Sometimes we run by parties that are still going on from the night before.

Seen on the promenade around 6 am.

Seen on the promenade around 6 am.

Last weekend we went to the Makers Faire (Sunday) at Balboa Park. I was still sore from running Saturday and would have stayed home had I known it was going to be 6 hours of trains, robots, and electronics.

Tim Poses with one of his heroes.

Tim Poses with one of his heroes.

In other news – I got a haircut. Apparently, about an inch means scalp me in beautician talk.

Sigh - it's even shorter than I thought.

Sigh – it’s even shorter than I thought.

At this point my only goal for this race is to make the 6 hour cutoff. Damn it – I want my Blerch medal.

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  1. OMG, Sharon and Tim! I haven’t checked in with you here on the blog for ages, and look what I’ve missed! Love the hair cut, and it’s not short, silly, it’s just “do-able.”

    Fabulous to talk with you in your bubble bath tonight. I will start checking your blog again. I quit after you the last HM, what a silly thing to do, since I know you two are “on the quest” for the full MARATHON!!

    Love you both, sending you hugs, kisses, happiness, joy, wishes for lots of wine, and hopes that we can see each other soon. PS – Please tell Mrs. Kraut I can’t wait to meet her!!!

    • It was great to talk to you. Thanks again for the beautiful handkerchiefs. I have designated one of them my lucky running partner.

      • Oh, that’s a great idea, Sharon. Lightweight, beautiful, practical. I’m honored that I have a hankie traveling with you on your runs. Almost sorta like being there -hahahaha!

        I will be talking with you soon. Hope all is going well with both of you. Sending you love and laughter – and lots of hugs -from Tucson.

  2. You are looking great, Sharon!! And I love your haircut! Kisses to both of you.

    Becky and Sylvia

    • It’s great to hear from you. I was going to write to you last week when I heard the sad news about Diana. Then I realized that I don’t have your email address. Please give everyone my love Sunday. Unfortunately we can’t make it to Tucson this weekend.
      I’m glad you like my hair but it is too short for my taste.
      I love you both and hope to see you soon. If you are ever in San Diego please let me know. It has been too long.

  3. You can do it! Harness the rage and get that damn medal! That’s what I did at the Portland Marathon this weekend (although they had a generous cutoff time, which my crippled ass needed.) . I think that there will be many, many people who won’t make the 6 hour cutoff or are worried about it, so there might just be a “party in the back” that you can enjoy, too. And hopefully you all will get medals.

    P.S. The “suspicious birds” pics made me snort my morning Diet Coke.

    • OH and P.S. I think your haircut looks great. Thanks for making the rest of us look fat and old.

    • I love the picture. You ran the Portland marathon? Congratulations! We wanted to run the Portland Half last year but it was sold out. Does this mean that your foot is feeling better? I hope so. If so are you still thinking about the Blerch? That would be awesome but it might be too soon after a marathon. We got a hotel for Friday and Saturday so we can soak up all the blerchiness.

      • You missed nothing by not getting into the Portland Half — I’ve run the full for 5 years now and I can officially say it’s the worst course. The Half would have put you down 10 miles of the ugliest industrial area out-and-back that PDX has to offer. I only ran it this year because I signed up last year when I felt halfway decent and I didn’t want to lose my ginormous entry fee. I have two breaks and a morton’s neuroma in my foot, so it was a grueling march to the finish. If they had run out of finisher’s shirts and medals by the time I got to the end, I’d be typing this from jail.

        • What. Should you even be walking? We have made plans to spend a week in Elkton over Christmas. We will be in Eugene at least once for groceries. If you are interested we should have lunch and talk about our Jack and Jill plans. I’m hoping to run my favorite 3 mile trail. I would love to show it to you if by some miracle you manage to stay off your foot long enough for it to heal. Please take care of yourself.

    • Snort my morning “Diet” Coke???

      That is not a healthy breakfast, and it will put holes in your septum.

  4. OMG, I didn’t know it was going to be this big!! I never saw this posting an image before so thought I’d send you a small snap shot.. so sorry!! Can you delete this??

  5. First, I love your short hair, Sharon! Makes you look younger, not that you looked old before, but short hair looks great on you. This will give you an advantage to finish the race sooner for you will be running on younger legs.
    Well, you two have some major decisions to make but I know you will do it and make your goal. Most races do cut off at 6, as my sister walks them all. Go for it and see how the training goes.
    BTW, I am not gay nor do I own a pet, but I did poop once, years ago, on a mountain in New Mexico. John can attest to that!!
    Gotta run and get to the gym soon to work out. Good luck and will watch for your posts
    Love to you and Tim,

    • I loved your picture. You both look great.
      I think anyone who has run on trails has pooped in the woods. Tim has been my lookout person. Luckily our favorite trail out here has bathrooms on both sides.
      Wish us luck. We have a 20 mile run this weekend and it is going to be hot.

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