It has been over 3 weeks since my last blog post. That should mean that I have 3 weeks of training runs to report on but sadly, that is not what it means at all.

I may be taking pictures of Tim’s first marathon from the sidelines. Last Thursday (10/22) I threw out my back. Like an idiot, Saturday morning I tried to do our long run (yes honey, I know I can’t straighten my back but I’m sure once I warm up it will be fine). We walk/ran (stumbled) about 3 miles before Tim put an end to that nonsense. So it has been a full week of no running for me.

My favorite part about running at the butt crack of dawn

My favorite part about running at the butt crack of dawn

Working backwards we did have a slow (5:26:55) but successful 20.6 mile run. To beat the 6 hour cutoff I would have to run about 6 miles in half an hour to make up the pace. I did a 5k in a half hour once. So even without back problems beating the cutoff looks iffy.

One thing you never read about in running magazines is asshole chafing. I highly recommend this spray glide.


It even works upside down

The problem with glide around the asshole is that it gets wiped off when you go to the bathroom. Hey – someone has to talk about these things, just be glad I had enough sense not to include a photo.

Also, why the hell are they called blisters? There is nothing blissful about them. I got one on the side of my nail on my big toe. I was actually relieved to see that it was a blister because while running it felt like I was getting an ingrown toenail.

Every weekend we run past this amusing place

Every weekend we run past this amusing place

As for the long run that was supposed to have happened the weekend after my last post – it turned into a long walk. Tim had a problem with his afib that came back every time he tried to run. So we walked. I felt awful for Tim (but a bit worried) because I could tell he was frustrated.

yep - that's a dog chillin' on a paddle board

yep – that’s a dog chillin’ on a paddle board


To recap my last 3 weekends.
Weekend 1: Mostly walked 18.3 miles (5:10:28).
Weekend 2: Our longest run, 20.6 miles (5:26:55).
Weekend 3: Made it 3.6 miles (1:13:10) before aborting.


Meowse approves of bed rest for my back

Meowse approves of bed rest for my back

If I can walk I’m going to do this race. I always tell people that they want their time to be slow at a new distance so they can beat it next time. Every new distance is a PR. This pep talk is not helping me because I’m not worried about being slow (that is a given) but I’m worried about getting pulled from the course by the sweeper vehicle. I have never had a DNF (did not finish). We have been at a couple of races that had cutoffs but they were never enforced. Maybe that will happen.

Note: I will be posting one more blog before the marathon. Please check it out because I plan to have Halloween pictures. We take Halloween very seriously.

Please leave a comment, question, or encouraging word. I am beyond frustrated with my back and all – you poor thing – sort of comments are appreciated.


  1. And, I bet you will. I need to send you our Halloween costumes, which were shirts.
    Love you bunches. I wish Tim would see a dr.

  2. Sharon, your humor shines through even when you’re frustrated and not feeling well! We channeled you yesterday in yoga, some of us showing up in costumes (the “old gang”). Thinking about you, and hoping every hour you are feeling better. I do hope someday to have the honor and humor of meeting Mrs. Kraut. Her comments posted here crack me up, and it’s really good to laugh early in the morning. Kind of sets the tone for the day, you know? I also always love your photos, and the dog on the paddle board is sweet. But the BEST photo is Meows……she’s adorable. Keep us posted as to how things are going. Would love to talk with you before you leave for the marathon. Yes, I know you’re gonna go for it, somehow. Love you both!

    • I got the Halloween pictures. Thanks. I loved the elephant ears. I just flipped my calendar to November and I crack up every time I see you in your motorcycle mama outfit.
      Its hard to tell from the picture but Meowse is plastered up against my leg. She has been keeping me company while I rest my back.

  3. Aw hon! I’m so sorry! Keep that kitty bed rest magic going and heal that back! Can you switch down to the half? That way you can get your goodies and then run Tim in. Even if they won’t let you switch, switch anyway and write a big “1/2, Goddamnit!” on your bib in black marker, and if they try to stop you from running, threaten to lick all the cupcakes at the first aid station you see. Or scalp the bib and get some good wine with the entry fee! Or hire a highschool track star to run for you and get a BQ and make Boston your first full. If you are determined to do the full, I bet they won’t enforce the cutoff, they wouldn’t have enough vans to reel everyone in. Marathons are like mullets — the party’s in the back! Do keep us all posted as to how you’re feeling. Let’s meet in Eugene — we’ll chat before then for sure.

    Looking forward to the Halloween post — it’s my fave holiday!

    • Halloween is our favorite holiday.
      Thank you for the hilarious comments. I really needed a good laugh. All of these are excellent suggestions but if I can walk I will try to hobble trough. At least I will have Nutella to motivate me.
      We will definitely get together in Eugene. We will be in Elkton for a week.
      We had a way fun Halloween. We even got a couple pictures. I’m hoping to have another post out next week.
      I’m looking forward to seeing you.

  4. Just got this and on my way to bed soon. The gym calls early tomorrow, even on Saturday.
    I will read and digest this later tomorrow.
    I know what I think but you won’t like it.
    Love you both,

    • Yes, would love to meet Mrs. Kraut… I would have loved you if I had met you during my years of running, 25 years ago! Sharon, you will do this regardless of what we may tell you so will not waste my breath. BUT, I wish you had more weeks of 20 milers to feel good, happy and confident. That was my success story. I loved doing the marathons and was happy and smiling, even those last few miles. I want you both to be healthy and safe and don’t do anything stupid, just so you can say you did a marathon. Go with your gut feeling and see what happens. I am more concerned about Tim so tell him so. Your body takes a beating, even walking, and it will take time to recover from your standpoint. If you’re not healthy before you will be worse afterwards. I was in my mid 40’s and early 50’s and it took me a week to recover.
      Well, I said more than I had planned but love you both. Good luck and keep us posted.

      • I am also worried about Tim. I have been trying to get him to see a doctor.
        I wish I had more time to train for the marathon as well. Even without my back problems I didn’t have enough time to train. If nothing else it should make for an interesting blog post. I’m planning to do everything I can to cross that finish line in under six hours.

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