Cue sad trombone music. I’m sorry to have to announce that we will not be doing the Beat the Blerch marathon. Although I can now get out of bed without screaming my back is still sore and Tim is having an escalating problem with his afib. We were able to switch to the half marathon so there will still be a blearchy race report/blog post, hopefully with many pictures of much silliness. We did our scheduled long run on Halloween but it was slow and unpleasant. About 15 miles into the run Tim’s afib kicked in and I got annoyed because he hadn’t called the doctor yet, then I felt bad for acting like a nag. We seem to argue a lot while running. Oddly enough, my back only hurt when I stopped running. Getting dressed for Halloween was quite a comedy routine.

Hey - I hardly feel my back at all when I'm drunk

Hey – I hardly feel my back at all when I’m drunk

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Halloween on a Saturday is like finding out your best meal of the year comes with free awesome sauce. We got trashed and had a lot of fun. While looking for old Halloween pictures I found these ghosts of Halloween past.

The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat

This is what happens when we get invited to a party with a biblical theme.

Things Moses saw on the way to the promised land

Things Moses saw on the way to the promised land

Do you give up? We were the burning bush and the red sea.

Last weekend our run lasted about 20 seconds. We did our 10 minute warm up walk but as soon as we tried to run Tim’s afib started. He decided to go home. I was going to run alone but when I tried to play my music it was dead so I also stomped home only about 5 minutes behind Tim. We went out for second breakfast and decided to see if it was possible to switch to the half marathon. We suspected that it was too late but Tim shot off an email anyway. A big thanks to the race for letting us do this on such short notice.

We walked 10 minutes this morning, time for second breakfast

We walked 10 minutes this morning, time for second breakfast

Carb loading because Scrabble is a sport, right?

Carb loading because Scrabble is a sport, right?

While I feel a little lame that we will not be doing the full marathon I think it was the smart choice.

Now for some more interesting, not so smart choice, news. We signed up for the Jack and Jill Marathon. It is a gentile downhill marathon in Washington at the end of July. We had to – they sent me an email saying that registration was open and they expected to sell out quickly. At least we will have time to properly train. Although, that doesn’t necessarily mean we will. But I have big plans.

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  1. What can I add? NOTHING! Mrs. Kraut and Jane have said it all…..I am surprisingly happy that you are not going for the November marathon. Let’s be real, none of us are 30 anymore (damn it!!!)….Missng you two. Please come to Tucson and visit soon, I am missing you terribly, and I know we could have some fun and perhaps a Scrabble game or two?

    Be good sports, and bring Mrs. Kraut with you. I think she and I must have known each other in a previous (many previous?) lifetime…..

    Be good to yourselves, take care of your bodies (I don’t worry about your minds, ’cause we all know you’re both crazy!)……let’s get together soon, ok? xxxooo

    • Marilyn, I really expected them to be very foolish and plow through it…aren’t we proud of them for making an a adult decision? I think Mrs. Kraut is from my past as well. I used to know a gal who ran and wore combat boots running and then stopped for doughnuts at a dough nut place. Combat boots???
      Have a great birthday on Sunday BTW… the card waiting for you on the yoga mat is very special and you will see why!!
      Love you,

    • I’m plotting a way to get to Tucson at some point. I miss you and the whole gang.
      We have already signed up for a marathon in July so as for that not 30 anymore comment you’re right. I’m stuck on 29. I will call you Sunday on our way home

  2. I so love and agree with Mrs. Kraut…. you want to have fun and enjoy (YES,, you CAN enjoy at 26.2 mile race!!).Finishing with a smile on your face is the best feeling.. I DID IT!! After my first one in Chicago, I wanted to turn around and do it again, and even looked like I could, or was told. My time was 4:10. The Phoenix one was a bit slower for I got in a port a potty and couldn’t get out! I almost panicked but should have sat down and relaxed as Mrs. Kraut did! I have to meet you someday, I swear! You are such a hoot!!
    You go, girl and get ready for the July one. You also want one that is organized and has been in gear for a long time so they know what they are doing.

  3. I think you made the right choice, mainly because the nature of a Blerch race, in my opinion, doesn’t lend itself to a fun marathon. You’ll want to goof off, sit on couches, eat Nutella, and take lots of pictures, but if you do the marathon, after mile 15 you’ll want to vomit every time you see a cupcake and if you sit on the couch you won’t want to get up. In my first marathon I sat in a portapotty for about 10 minutes because I needed to relax and think about what kind of mess I’d gotten myself into, and figure out how I was going to get to the end. Y’all need to not be stressed about time and stuff, so you can finish with a smile on your face instead of trying to outrun the sag wagon. Is this a first time they’re holding the Sacramento Blerch? I predict it might be a bit of a disorganized hootenany, which would SUCK to have to deal with after you’ve just hauled booty for 26.2 miles.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Halloween pics! And I love your friends! We’ll have to all go to one of your runs someday and hold up TEAM SCHALLER posters. I’m not going to run the Jack and Jill — the terrain didn’t appeal to me, because I can break my ankle just walking through my living room — but I will be there as support crew.

    • I’m sorry you won’t be doing the Jack and Jill. We have to get you trail running. I think you would like it.
      I’m glad we are going to do the half. I can stop stressing and enjoy the weekend. Tim is a big fan of the oatmeal so this should be a lot of fun. It is the first Sacramento race but they seem pretty together.
      How is your foot doing? I hope you are letting it heal.
      Your amusing comments seem to have a fan club among my friends(and me)
      I approve of the team Schaller idea.

  4. My computer is acting up so will reply with my smart phone, which is really dumb at times with its auto correct. Drives me buggy
    Well, you made the right decision I feel. To be honest, you want to be fully prepared, full of energy, enthusiasm and in good health to have fun in a marathon. Running one is not a piece of cake unless you are truly ready and while I love and admire you two, you were not ready by any means! I had a blast with my two and I was prepared!!!
    Take these months to get healthy.. Like Tim, see a Dr. You owe it to Sharon to do this, and you know it!
    Train properly and get in at least three long runs of 20 miles. I even did a 22 one for my first marathon.
    We support you, love you and simply want the best for you.
    Loved all the photos and yes, things don’t hurt when you are drunk!

    • Hi Jane. I agree that it was the best decision but we are still a little sad. I’m also relived. We really have no business doing a marathon with this little training. I am actually looking forward to it now rather than dreading it.
      Tim has promised to call a doctor soon.
      If you get a chance click on the link to the marathon we are doing in July. It looks beautiful.
      Give John a big hug. We miss you guys.

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